ARK is looking to eliminate the barrier to entry in the blockchain space that is caused by the immense complexity of the technology. We want ARK to do for blockchain what Wordpress did for website development. We are making that a reality with our focus on push-button blockchain technology (Point. Click. Blockchain.) and by steering our efforts toward meeting the needs of enterprises, start-ups, and developers as our prime customer base first and foremost. ARK will enable simplified deployment of custom blockchains while allowing the deployment of a wide array of services.

ARK’s value proposition lies within that core platform and the utility of the services we will build into the ecosystem. Services such as the capability of connecting to different blockchains via our SmartBridge technology. SmartBridge allows ARK to move data from one blockchain to another with the use of special Encoded Listener Nodes that can interpret and process data back and forth between different chains. With the integration of one of our next milestones, ArkVM, all ARK blockchains will be capable of utilizing smart-contracts as well and we are concurrently working an IPFS based blockchain storage solution.

The ARK platform will be a great place for future blockchain developers to get their feet wet in this budding industry. ARK will allow them to customize a blockchain for their businesses with the features their companies needs right at their fingertips, with an all-in-one ARK blockchain sandbox.

While we build all of this, we continue to support community outreach initiatives through partnerships with college hackathons, local meetups, and by sponsoring major conferences.We are doing anything we can to preach the gospel of blockchain to developers, hobbyists, or really anyone who will listen. We will also be advising and helping new blockchain projects that want to develop their use cases and be powered by ARK technology.

Last Updated: 7/30/2018, 5:54:14 AM