Add the following to your Cargo.toml:

arkecosystem-client = {git = "", branch = "master" }


Example for V1

use arkecosystem_client::api::One;
use arkecosystem_client::Connection;

let v1 = Connection::<One>::new("http://my.ark.node:port/api/");
let balance = v1.accounts.balance("DQ7VAW7u171hwDW75R1BqfHbA9yiKRCBSh");
println!("{:?}", balance);

Example for V2

use arkecosystem_client::api::Two;
use arkecosystem_client::Connection;

let v2 = Connection::<Two>::new("http://my.ark.node:port/api/");

// Parameters are passed as a Vec of string tuples (key, value).
let params = Vec::<(String, String)>::new();
let delegates = v2.delegates.all(&params);
println!("{:?}", delegates);
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