How to Use the Mobile Wallet

The Preparation

The Ark Mobile Wallet is a great way to access your ARK tokens, it's fast and easy and while being mobile, it can securely store the data using PBKDF2 algorithm and AES-256 encryption protected by a created PIN code. This guide will show you where to get the mobile wallet on Android and iOS devices and help you with installing it! The mobile wallet has no need to download the blockchain, but can vote for a delegate, and send/receive ARK. Whether you're importing a wallet or generating a new one the wallet will have all the features you need.

Before we begin, we're going to need to download the mobile wallet. If you have an Android device you can download the mobile wallet here!

Now for iOS devices, you will need to download Cydia Impactor and the .ipa file of the wallet. Cydia Impactor can be used to install IPA files on iOS devices. Your device doesn't need to be jailbroken to use this application. We can download the application this way until Apple approves of the iOS version of the mobile wallet. Here we can find the latest version here. Direct download links : Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit.

We can download the .ipa here. Once we have downloaded the Impactor, make sure the iOS device is recognized by your computer. If you're on OS X, open the Cydia Impactor Download and you can double click on Impactor. If you're on Windows, extract the zip folder and run the application in the folder that is created.

Once Cydia Impactor opens it should show your iOS device, if it doesn't make sure the device is plugged in and the screen is unlocked. Once it loads you will want to click Device -> Install Package. Image of Impactor

Find and choose the Ark Mobile Wallet .ipa file we downloaded earlier. Impactor will prompt you to type in your Apple ID and password so it may install the application. If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled, you are going to need to login here. Navigate to the Security section so you may create an app-specific password. Once the password has been generated, use it on Impactor to install the wallet on your device. Impactor will now install the application.

Starting the Ark Wallet

Once you load the application you will be met with this screen:

Image of Ark Welcome Screen

You may skip the introduction or continue by hitting Next on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If you hit Next, you will see the following screens:

Second image of Ark Welcome Screen Third image of Ark Welcome Screen

When we've either skipped or proceeded, you will be asked to create your profile:

Create a Profile on Ark Mobile Wallet

After you hit the 'Create A Profile' button, you will be asked to create a 6 digit PIN and then confirm the PIN. You will need to remember this PIN.

Create a Pin on Ark Mobile Wallet

You will be asked to create a name for your profile. You can create one for the Mainnet or the Devnet, which is the Development Network. For this guide we will be on the Mainnet.

Create a Name on Ark Mobile Wallet

Once you've placed your name, you can sign in by touching onto the profile you created and by entering in the PIN you created earlier. From here, you can follow the prompts and click on the button that's displayed on the screen to import or create a wallet. If you are importing a wallet, click here. If you are creating a new wallet, continue reading.

Creating a wallet

If you choose to generate a wallet and follow the prompts you will be shown your shareable Public Address and your Secret Passphrase. Keep your secret passphrase safe and secure, without it you will not be able to restore your wallet and you will lose all of your ARK tokens.

After hitting 'Next', you will be asked to input 3 of the words in your Secret Passphrase. Once you've placed the appropriate numbered word into its field, you will be asked to put in your PIN again. The next screen will show you the amount of ARK tokens you have in your wallets, your shareable Public Address, the Market Value of ARK in USD, Satoshi's, and the 24 hour Change.

Ark Mobile Wallet Passphrase Ark Mobile Wallet Balance

Importing a wallet

If you choose to import a wallet and follow the prompts, you will have two options to import your wallet: QR Code or by putting in your secret passphrase or address manually.

If you decide to copy and paste your information into the app, make sure your device does not add a space after your passphrase or address. If the space is there, it will create a new wallet and not import your own wallet.

Ark Mobile Wallet Transactions

The Ark Wallet

You are able to hit the triple bar in the top left corner, doing so will give you numerous options for you to select.

Choosing 'Wallets', will place you at the main Ark Wallet balance screen. After you reach the main Ark Wallet balance screen, you are able to add another wallet, touch the triple bar on the top left corner, or choose an existing wallet to view even closer. If you want to add another wallet, you would push the blue circle we used earlier to create or import a wallet. If you hit the triple bar on the top left corner, you get numerous options where you are able to view and select:

  • Main wallet balance screen
  • Vote for delegates
  • Change the peer to the network
  • Enter the settings, where you may change or view your:
    • Language
    • Currency
    • PIN
    • Clear your Data
    • Privacy Policy
    • Version Number
  • Contacts
  • You are able to save contacts by name and Ark Address for quicker sending/receiving
  • Sign Out

Ark Mobile Wallet Triple Bar Ark Mobile Wallet Settings

If you want to view an existing wallet and the transaction history, you will need to touch the rectangle(s) right below the 'Total Balance' text.

Ark Mobile Wallet Balance

Once inside a wallet, you are able to view incoming and receiving transaction history, the public address, the Ark wallet balance and by touching the vertical ellipsis you are able to:

  • Register a Delegate
  • Vote for a Delegate
  • Rename your wallet
  • Backup your Wallet
  • Delete your wallet

Ark Mobile Wallet Subsettings


To begin voting, we need ARK in our wallets. Once you've transferred ARK to your wallet, you will want to click on the wallet that was either imported or generated.

Ark Mobile Wallet Balance

Once the wallet has been selected, hit the triple bar and choose 'Delegates'. This will show you the top 51 Active Delegates and the delegates on Standby

Ark Mobile Wallet Balance Ark Mobile Wallet Balance

Choosing a Delegate will prompt you to vote for 1 ARK.

Ark Mobile Wallet Balance

If you have any questions regarding how much you will receive from voting for a delegate, you can find that here.


Your Ark Mobile Wallet is now ready for use! That's all it takes to install the Ark wallet. If you have any questions regarding voting and delegates, take a look at Ark's FAQ!

Last Updated: 10/28/2018, 1:22:08 PM