Thanks for your interest in contributing to the ARK Ecosystem! Please take a moment to review this document before submitting a pull request.


The ARK development bounty program has been updated for 2019. Previous years have taught us how to improve the program and make it more fair for participants, with revised tiers so everyone can predict their earnings. The revised program will emphasize quality over quantity.

More information about the ARK Development and Security Bounty Program can be found in the dedicated ARK blog post.

Before pushing a PR (Pull Request), please jump in our slack #general channel in order to discuss your contributions or to connect with other ARK developers.


ARKs bounty program includes all accepted PRs for this repository


Issues and PRs are grouped into tiers depending on their impact, code quality, test coverage and complexity. This will bring more stability to our program and participants can anticipate how much their contributions will earn them.

You can pickup any of the existing issues on GitHub that are marked with the Type: Good First Contribution or any of the Bounty: Tier X labels. If an issue you intend to work on is missing such a label, leave a comment to make sure no one else is working on it.

Reward Tiers

  • Tier 0 - Custom Reward
  • Tier 1 - $100
  • Tier 2 - $50
  • Tier 3 - $25
  • Tier 4 - $10
  • Tier 5 - $5
  • Tier 6 - $1

Payments will be made at the beginning of each month for the prior month and will be paid in ARK with USD valuation at the time of the payout.

Pull Requests


Discuss your idea first before starting work on any significant new features

It's never a fun experience to have your pull request declined after investing a lot of time and effort into a new feature. To avoid this from happening, we request that contributors create an issue to first discuss any significant new features.

Please ensure that the tests are passing when submitting a pull request. If you're adding new features, please include tests.

Accepted Changes

  • General Refactor
  • Adding & Refactoring Tests
  • Improving Test Coverage
  • General Bug Fixes
  • Implement new features
  • Improve documentation
  • Create something new for ARK

Eligible Repositories

PRs made for the below listed repositories are eligible for rewards.


If a repository has been archived on GitHub it is not eligible for rewards, even if it is included in the list below.