Writing Documentation for Ark


On this page you will find all the details necessary to writing compliant documentation for Ark.


There are many terms commonly used when describing aspects of Ark and related technologies. In an effort to standardize how documentation is presented to the user and to remove differences across different texts, we have established the following rules for using Ark terminology.

Commonly used Ark concepts and project names

Firstly, the term "Ark" refers to an entire umbrella of concepts and is mainly used as a prefix to describe projects it maintains or supports.

For example, the most basic form of this is writing "Ark Ecosystem"; this can be used interchangeably with "Ark".

Writing documentation for Ark

Writing documentation for the Ark Ecosystem

Both are acceptable.

Here is a list of officially recognized terms and the proper way to use each of them:

    • Ark Ecosystem: "Writing documentation for the Ark Ecosystem"
    • Ark Community: "Ark Community members offer advice on the Slack channel"
    • Ark Team: "Being a member of the Ark Team"
    • BridgeChain: "I launched a cool BridgeChain with Ark Deployer on Azure"
    • SmartBridge: "It's time to read data from the SmartBridge field of the freshly gathered transaction"
    • Ark Core: "Ark Core is dubbed v2"
    • Ark Node: "The Ark blockchain software Ark Node is being deprecated"
    • Ark Explorer: "View your Ark address' transaction history with help of the Ark Explorer"
    • Ark Mobile Wallet: "Ark Mobile is available for both Android and iOS"
    • Ark Desktop Wallet: "Use the Ark Desktop client if using Windows, MacOS or Linux"
    • AIPs, Ark Improvement Proposals: "I'm rolling in all these AIPs (Ark Improvement Proposals)"
    • Ark (LANG) Crypto: "The Ark JS Crypto documentation needs some love!"
    • Ark (LANG) Client: "I'm using the Ark PHP Client as my API client"
    • Ark Deployer: "You can use Ark Deployer to launch your own BrideChain"

The specific terms above SHOULD be capitalized to prevent reader confusion.

For certain cases (docs, website, forum), it is acceptable to use the actual URL subdomain.domain.tld format if it's intuitive:

  • "Find all relevant information on the docs.ark.io"
  • "Blog, Forums, Roadmap and more can be found at the ark.io website"
  • "I love the community over at the forum.ark.io"


When talking about Ark's native currency, you MUST refer to it as ARK - it is commonly used as the currency ticker on exchanges and within Ark Ecosystem projects like the Ark Desktop Wallet and Ark Explorer. The currency symbol for ARK is "Ѧ". It can be represented with the decimal Unicode 1126 or "Ѧ" in HTML.

Generic terms like "address", "wallet", "transaction", "delegate", "vote", "blockchain", "currency" SHOULD NOT be capitalized, alongside the three above terms which mainly refer to concepts and not necessarily rigid implementations.

The scopes of each category might change to include or exclude new or old concepts at any given time, due to the constantly evolving Ark (Ecosystem) landscape.

Commonly used technological concepts and project names

Although it would be ideal, not all documents can afford to only mention Ark's projects and concepts.

We encourage you to always follow other projects' standards for writing about them when you mention them in a document:

The Ark blockchain was created later than the Bitcoin blockchain

In addition, please refrain from capitalizing terms like "blockchain", as it would imply some type of unencouraged buzz-wordedness.


An important part of documenting for the open source Ark Ecosystem is to offer the reader an unintrusive option to go to another branch of resources and learn without breaking the underlying reading experience.

Commonly used technological concepts and project names

It is acceptable to link once to Ark Ecosystem or other technological projects mentionned in the document you write, unless mentionned in succession within a list. Linking the first occurrence of a technological project mention is good practice.

Additionally, you are encourages to provide a list of references at the end of your written document. This helps streamline the user's experience when wanting to read resources on aforementionned projects without having to scroll back through the document.


To provide an easy to access and clean reference to a website, especially when dealing with websites external to the Ark Ecosystem, the writer MUST inlude a link to the URL with an appropriate name rather than the plain, unclickable, URL.


answers can be searched for on https://google.com


answers can be search for on google answers can be search for on google.com


As an important part of online documentation, images must be used with respect to licensing rights and other ethical considerations.

To unify the look and feel of the documentation, images or other branded content available and relevant to your document SHOULD be included.

If writing a document for an Ark project, like the Ark Mobile Wallet, you MUST use the official banner image for it (located on GitHub) at the start of the document.

When needing to use official Ark imagery, you may find suitable media assets at ark.io/mediakit. Otherwise, you are encouraged to design your own images, use external images with proper attribution in as references or outsource the graphical design task to someone else.


Here you can find an example list of references.

Please use this template for every document which has any reference at all:

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