Vote Report


You can find the source code of this package at packages/core-vote-report.


yarn add @arkecosystem/core-vote-report




The vote-report package creates a webpage showing various delegate statistics for the network the current node is running on. This package is primarily useful as a lightweight alternative to a full explorer node, as it runs on-node with no external installations required.

This package can also be used to sanity-check your node. Note that this should not be your first troubleshooting step — your node console likely has more focused error handling messages. However, by checking the values in your vote-report and comparing them to your network's explorer, you can make sure that your node is fully synced with the network.


To use the vote-report package, add it to your plugins file in your config directory. After doing so and restarting your node, connect to your vote report page by visiting YOUR.NODE.IP.ADDR:4006. If your node IP is 123.456.789.0, for example, 123.456.789.0:4006 will take you to your vote report page.


export const defaults = {
  host: process.env.CORE_VOTE_REPORT_HOST || "",
  port: process.env.CORE_VOTE_REPORT_PORT || 4006,
  delegateRows: process.env.CORE_VOTE_REPORT_DELEGATE_ROWS || 80