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ARK's Mobile Wallet is a hybrid application built for both Android and iOS. Created using Ionic framework and ARK's TypeScript API to interact with the ARK network via your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection).



  • Import your existing passphrase (import by QR Scanner or write/paste your passphrase).
  • Generate a new passphrase.
  • Encrypt access to your profile with a custom 6 digit PIN (AES256+PBKDF2).
  • Most transaction types are available: send, receive, vote, unvote, register a delegate.
  • Connects to both mainnet and devnet.
  • Option for additional profiles (separate profiles for different ARK addresses or networks).
  • Option to add contacts and easily transact with them.
  • Total balance of your combined ARK addresses.
  • Wallet backup - input your selected PIN to decrypt your wallet and gain view of your private data.
  • Change PIN - if you want to change your encryption/decryption PIN you can easily do so..
  • Clear Data — you can clear all your data from the phone.
  • Overview of network status with an option to change peer.
  • Current market value, along with weekly movements.
  • Support for showing data in different FIAT currencies.


First follow the steps below to install the dependencies:

$ npm install -g ionic cordova@7.1.0
$ npm install
$ ionic cordova prepare

Run on device:

$ ionic cordova run ios
$ ionic cordova run android

Debug in browser:

$ npm run ionic:serve


To run the unit tests:

$ npm test

To run the unit tests and watch them:

$ npm run test:unit

To run the unit tests and generate a coverage report:

$ npm run test:coverage

To run the E2E (end to end) tests:

$ npm run test:e2e


If you discover a security vulnerability within this application, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.




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